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Frank - Northbrook IL

This past weekend, my wife and I flew our Cessna 172XP from our home base at KUGN (Chicago area) to KFNL.  The purpose of our trip was that we are planning to relocate to the Fort Collins area upon our imminent retirement.  About 30 minutes East of Fort Collins, our low voltage warning light came on accompanied by a buzzing in our headsets.  After judiciously shedding electrical load, we arrived at Fort Collins and landed.  We explained our predicament to the line man who introduced us to Terry Cecil, the A&P for Professional Aircraft Services, based at KFNL.  Keep in mind, this was Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  Terry and indeed the entire Fort Collins-Loveland Jet Center team could not have been nicer, more accommodating and understanding of our dilemma.  The staff assisted us with loading up our rental car with our luggage and Terry ushered our plane into the hanger promising to call around lunchtime.

Right after having lunch in town, Terry called and explained that he found a loose alternator terminal that had allowed the RF suppression capacitor to rotate, short and damage one or more of the diodes in the alternator.  Both the capacitor and the alternator would need to be replaced.  Being Labor Day weekend, the earliest the parts could be obtained would be Wednesday morning but Terry said that he felt confident in being able to get us going by lunch time Wednesday.  Tuesday, the parts were ordered and overnighted.  Wednesday at noon, as promised, the parts had been replaced, the plane and systems tested and we were good to go.

One of the goals of our trip was not only to scout out prospective neighborhoods to retire to but also to scout out a home for our plane.  We planned to explore both KFNL as well as KGXY.  After this extraordinary experience, we never did travel to Greeley.  In our experience, there is no way in the world that we could ever find a home and staff more accommodating than  KFNL or an aircraft maintenance facility more expert, professional and responsive than Terry and Professional Aircraft Services.

We’ll be making KFNL our home soon.


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